Elk Research Council


The foundation is organized exclusively for the educational, charitable and scientific purposes related to elk ranching and its supporting industry, which includes the following:
  • To engage in health research for the identification, prevention, treatment and management of prominent and emerging diseases impacting elk, and hybrids thereof.
  • To engage in research to improve and better understand all phases of production, management and herd health.
  • To provide information and expertise to the elk industry, which can be used to preserve the purity of the North American elk genetic pool.
  • To assist in the development of recommendations for sound policies relating to animal health for state, provincial and federal regulations.
  • To assist in research to develop understanding of the benefits of elk ranching and it's yielded products.
  • To educate and publish findings to the general public and the elk industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • The Elk Research Council may collaborate with the American Elk Products Foundation and Canadian Elk Products Foundation in coordinated efforts for the benefit of the elk ranching industry.

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